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Garage Door Repairs

A garage door needs repair and maintenance, and there are chances that your garage door won’t operate. We are here for a new garage door opener or spring replacement. Frank Garage Door Repair East Palo Alto offers their residential and commercial clients garage door repair services. Get us hired for a free consultation; our licensed technicians are available 24/7 for help.

Our team of skilled and professional garage door services provides 100% quality services at your doorstep. We offer honest and fair pricing while delivering full transparency about garage door services. Detailed safety inspections are done, and the garage door repair services will be scheduled after the call.

We offer the following types of repair services:

24/7 emergency repair

We offer 24/7 emergency repair, so when you come home to a broken or damaged garage door, get the assistance of our experts, who offer 24/7 emergency repair services.

Garage door opener repair

If you need to repair a garage door opener, we work on all major brands to get your door running smoothly in no time. We can fix all types of openers quickly.

Garage Door Track Repair

We can help to restore the garage door to its proper position. If you need to track replacement parts, we can supply the right parts for all types of garage doors.

Garage door spring repair

We ensure your door opens and closes smoothly, and these doors are incredibly powerful. If they break, the garage door unexpectedly falls. You should ensure they are in safe working condition. A broken or faulty spring can cause the opener from working harder, so we fix all spring-related issues.

Garage Door Roller Repair

Garage door rollers come in numerous types and let the doors roll. If these door rollers become noisy, then you need to replace them. When your garage door rollers work correctly, the door will run smoothly.

Garage Door Openers

Frank Garage Door Repair East Palo Alto offers garage door opener repairs. There are many troubleshooting methods to see with garage door openers. It depends on the brand of garage door opener, which you can see in the manual’s instructions. We specialize in garage door opener repair services to quickly identify and repair the issues with garage door openers.

If your garage door is not opening or closing, making loud noises, or catching on to something, these issues are signs for fixing the garage door openers. We recommend you get our assistance with garage door openers. Our company takes pride in our experience and knowledge of garage doors.

Garage Door Installation

Frank Garage Door Repair East Palo Alto has the expertise and services you require for garage door installation and repair. When you see the door malfunctioning and causing recurring issues, it needs to be replaced immediately. Give us a call to prevent major injuries from occurring as a result of the door’s malfunction. With the newly installed garage doors, you will experience the best services under the supervision of experts.

Knowledgeable installation specialists will provide the best solutions to select the right fit for your home. We pay close attention to the well-being and protection of your home with the assistance of our highly-trained garage door installation.